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Borrowers who have benefited from ALI's protection.

Click on the links below to hear stories from real people, who used a mortgage broker to obtain a loan and had the foresight to take the protection they were offered.

“Not worrying about your finances is a huge thing when you’re going through illness”
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Nicole's StoryCancer | Trauma Benefit

"You have a means of making sure you can still put food on the table. You can still pay a mortgage and know that your ki ...
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Sea's StoryCancer | Trauma Benefit

"I had a good feeling that the cancer wasn’t going to knock me off - I was mainly worried about not having an inco ...
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Paula's StoryCancer | Trauma Benefit

When Paula, a mother of five and working full-time was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was thankful that just six mont ...
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claims-img-breakoutWe've paid $168 million

in claims since ALI Group was established

Current as at March 2024.


Adrienne's StoryCancer | Trauma Benefit

“Even with the ongoing stuff, you know you have that money aside that you can actually use to keep yourself going. ...
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Helen's StoryCancer | Trauma Benefit

“Being diagnosed with cancer has been the most challenging experience, both physically and emotionally, of my life ...
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Denise's StoryCancer | Trauma Benefit

"I was quite surprised with the turnaround… it was really quick."
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Joel's StoryCancer | Trauma Benefit

Joel and Anna’s story is one which reminds you how life can take an unexpected turn, completely out of our control ...
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