Carmel's Story

Carmel was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2014. Running a busy family daycare business at the time, she quickly became stressed about finances. There was a grim prospect, knowing, if she could not work, she would not get paid.

Carmel and her Mortgage Broker Suzy, from Yellow Brick Road in the West End, had a great customer relationship from the start.

Carmel, who had taken out insurances over 20 years ago with her first mortgage, saw the value in having that peace of mind. Many years later, when Carmel and her husband Larry decided to re-finance through Suzy, they were comfortable taking out a further Loan Protection Plan with ALI Group and were appreciative of Suzy for discussing it with them.

Carmel and her husband re-financed, signed on for LPP and never thought about it again.

Until 2014, when Carmel was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Carmel at the time was running a busy family day care business and quickly became stressed about finances. Knowing, if she could not work, she would not get paid.

“I rang Suzy in a panic, saying could I pay less on my mortgage, or could I pay half payments for a while when Suzy reminded me that I had insurances in place which had a trauma portion to them and I would be able to make a claim”.

The claim Carmel was able to make, made a huge difference to her and her husband Larry’s life. It gave them options and time to focus on getting Carmel back to good health and not about the little things like, where money was going to come from or how they would afford a proper cleaner to come in and clean the house.

Then, tragically, Carmel’s cancer returned in 2017 and this time it was terminal…

“My husband and I had always planned on travelling when we retired. We were going to travel the world and we had all these great plans and then we realised we weren’t going to be able to do that. Then Suzy encouraged me to claim on my life insurance and because I had those policies in place, we’ve been able to do all the things we wanted to do”.

Carmel and Larry have since paid off their mortgage and are enjoying making lasting memories with their children. Larry has been able to take a redundancy and be a full-time carer to Carmel, they’ve been able to buy a more suitable car and they’ve been able to enjoy their time together without the heavy worry of money on their shoulders. All things they say are possible because of the Loan Protection Plan.

When asked what Carmel and Larry thought of their broker Suzy, Larry said:

“What I did really like about Suzy was that her honesty came across to Carmel and me straight away. Suzy explained everything easily, and as a suspicious person, she put me at ease.”

Carmel and Larry can’t speak enough to the credibility and knowledge of their broker, Suzy. Now, referring everyone they know to Suzy and to take out Loan Protection, both their 20-year-old and 22-year-old have taken out policies now, having witnessed firsthand the benefits it brought to their family.

For Suzy, it’s a conversation she will never regret having with her client.

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