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Denise's Story

"I was quite surprised with the turnaround… it was really quick."

Denise's Story

About Denise

51-year-old Denise moved to Western Australia from India in 2013, having recently lost the mother she had cared for “for the better part of my life”. She was completely alone.

A routine mammogram was all it took for Denise’s Breast Cancer to be uncovered.

“2014 was the first year I went in and everything was clear, even 2019 was clear…and then 2021, yep”.

While the routine checks paid off for Denise, “it was a shock” when the diagnosis came through.

Taking care of herself

“You assume it will never touch you, but you can’t be complacent”.

An independent thinker and straight shooter, Denise has “always lived with this, you know, taking care of myself”. It was this attitude that led Denise, who “was never a sick person”, to broach the subject of insurance with her broker.

“I said, what if something happens to me, how do I ensure that I have a roof over my head?”.

It was this very conversation that helped Denise ready herself for what lay ahead. “You know, homelessness and all is always something that scares me”.

Her advice for brokers? “I think it should be suggested if somebody doesn’t think about it”.

Treatment and recovery

After diagnosis and initial treatment, Denise received the news that her Breast Cancer had not spread. “I got it very early, but it needed surgery, so I went through surgery and I’m on some medication”.

Denise attributes her overall recovery, in part, to wise choices. “I have a good constitution, I am good about my food… so you know I’ve been okay”. That said, however, the thought of heading back into full time work was not a welcome one. “I’m not ready yet, not at all”.

Making a claim

Looking back, Denise had low expectations regarding how long the claim process would take, or if she’d even be successful in making a claim. “I was like, maybe they’ll take 2 or 3 months or whatever”.

But the reality was rather different. It took her a couple of weeks to get her paperwork organised and that was that. “I was quite surprised with the turnaround… it was really quick”.

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