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Janine's Story

"Not having the stress of wondering where the next pay cheque was coming from and worrying about how I would pay the bills actually helped with my recovery after the heart attack."

Janine's Story

“If our broker had never discussed loan protection with us, we would have had to sell the house and probably one of our vehicles at least. I’m so glad we didn’t have to do that, but it would have been the reality if we didn’t have mortgage protection”.

Janine and her husband saved for years to be able to purchase their first home together. Knowing the hard work, dedication and sacrifices involved to get them to the point of purchasing a home, it was a no-brainer when Janine’s broker discussed the option of protecting it with loan protection.

As a mother of four and a grandmother to one, Janine wanted to ensure she had a plan in place, in case something was to happen which put them at risk of losing what they saved so hard for, their home.

When Janine suffered her heart attack, all her fears came at once. Anxious as to how they would afford the expensive medical bills, recovery and the ongoing doctors’ appointments, Janine thought they would have to sell the house to make
ends meet.

“I called and spoke with Colette, she sent me the paperwork, I filled it out, sent it back and that was that, it was pretty easy. Colette kept me up to date with everything including emailing me regularly with progress reports, she was awesome”.

Janine is back on her feet and feeling well after going through the scary ordeal of a heart attack but is now faced with ongoing medical expenses including expensive medications, which she did not have in the past.

“I now have ongoing medical expenses like regular doctor check-ups which are once a month as opposed to once a year like before my heart attack. I also have five different medications, which I have to take every single day, so that also adds up monthly – especially considering beforehand I didn’t take any medications at all”.

Janine has been able to set aside some of the money she received from her claim to cover her future medical expenses but has also been able to use the money to pay for other things too.

“I used some of the money to pay bills, which allowed me to have more time for my recovery. The money meant I didn’t have to worry about where the next pay cheque was coming from, it was very helpful, and I recommend it to anyone”.

Janine is incredibly thankful to her broker for discussing loan protection and now recommends them to all her friends and family.

“Having the protection plan in place has been a huge weight off my shoulders, which actually helped with my recovery after the heart attack too, because I just didn’t have that added stress, of as I said, where’s the next pay cheque coming from? How am I going to pay this bill? At the end of the day, the bills are going to keep rolling in no matter what situation you’re in”.



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