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Kerrylea's Story

Imagine being diagnosed with lung cancer, needing an operation to remove half of your lung, knowing chemotherapy is looming, and then have your husband diagnosed with bladder cancer just 10 days later?

Kerrylea's Story

Imagine being diagnosed with lung cancer, needing an operation to have half of your lung removed, knowing chemotherapy is looming, only to have your husband diagnosed with bladder cancer just 10 days after your diagnosis?

This is the incredibly sad reality for Kerrylea and Darryn. 

Darryn and Kerrylea have been happily married for over 18 years and together they have one child and three – year – old twin grandchildren, who keep them on their toes. 

When they purchased their family home, their mortgage broker discussed the importance of ensuring they had enough insurance in place in case something unexpected were to occur, and even though Darryn admits to having his reservations, he is so thankful he proceeded to take out the policy for his wife. 

“I had a lot of trepidation because you do hear stories about insurance companies and even though I had quite a lot of cover through my superannuation, I took ALI's protection out for my wife, so she could have something in place. When my wife was diagnosed with cancer, we contacted ALI Group, who were great in their communication with us. It was so simple and easy; I just couldn’t believe it”. 

Both Kerrylea and Darryn’s cancer diagnosis’ required operations, just days apart from each other, in two different hospitals. 

“It’s been tough. Life just isn’t fair sometimes, but can I just say how incredibly helpful the policy benefit has been. It wasn’t a very big policy but for us it’s given us both a lot of peace of mind that we don’t have to worry for the short term. It has made life a lot easier because I’ve had to take a lot of time off work”. 

For Darryn and Kerrylea, the physical recovery has been hard, but the emotional turmoil has been the most difficult part. Whilst both are hopeful their prognoses are good; it doesn’t come without worries for the future. Which is why both Darryn and Kerrylea are so grateful to have had something in place to alleviate some of the financial burden which comes with being seriously ill. 

“This has been such a big bump in the road and whilst my work has been really good about it all, the benefit from the policy means we don’t have to worry right now, it’s given us peace of mind”.

Darryn and Kerrylea have used the funds to pay off their credit card as well as put a large portion into their mortgage offset account to see them through and keep their minds at ease that if anything else were to occur, they have a financial safety net. 

“If our mortgage broker had never discussed ALI's protection with us and given us the opportunity to take out a policy, then we would have had to sell our house. We wouldn’t have had extra money to see us through and it would have made the situation so much more stressful”.


The ALI Group Customer Experience 

“When my wife contacted ALI Group, we were sent the forms right away and we were truly amazed at how easy the process was. We were contacted to say the claim had been approved and then a couple of days later the fund was in our account. We just couldn’t believe it”.

ALI's protection could be there for you when you need it the most. Talk to your mortgage broker today.

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