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Paula's Story

When Paula, a mother of five and working full-time was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was thankful that just six months earlier, she had taken out loan protection with her mortgage broker.

Paula's Story

After Paula’s initial diagnosis, an immediate mastectomy was scheduled, in the hope it would remove the cancer and no further treatment would be needed. Unfortunately, post-surgery, they discovered tumours in the breast tissue, which is when Paula and her family were told further treatment would be required to beat the cancer.

Having to go through expensive treatments like surgery, chemotherapy and 25 rounds of radiotherapy as a start to beating the cancer, Paula said the bills quickly began to stack up. Even with Medicare and private health cover in place, lengthy wait periods meant the family of 7 started to feel the financial burden of the illness.

“I spoke to my financial advisor and we contacted ALI Group together. It was easy to understand, and they got the ball rolling pretty much straight after the phone call”.

Eight days later, Paula received her benefit from the claim and was able to focus on her health and not have the worry of returning to what she describes as a “very stressful job”, during her gruelling treatment and recovery

“We paid all of our bills up front. We were out of pocket quite a bit so the claim has helped with getting us through and the excess, because it’s more than we currently need right now, we will put aside some of the funds to use towards living expenses. We are also hoping to do extensions on our house, having the five kids, we need it”.

The treatment Paula is going through can come with some terrible side-effects, and with Paula eating into her annual leave, the living benefit she claimed on her policy, has meant she can take the time she needs, without the financial stress

“If I was unable to make a claim, I’d already be back at work, and going through radiotherapy at the same time. I’ve only finished chemotherapy this week, which came with its side effects. I have lost my hair and am completely bald and have had lots of other side effects too, like a bad taste in my mouth, dry skin, dry eyes, dry and bleeding nose, sore hands and feet, and early onset menopause, but I’m still alive!

Thinking about what Paula would have done if her broker had never spoken with her about loan protection, Paula believes she would have to have kept working through it all.

“I have met a lot of people during my treatment and experience with cancer who had no financial protection in place, and they have had to return to work when they have been so unwell. I feel so lucky I haven’t needed to go back into a stressful work environment whilst going through this. Medical professionals tell you to try and rest whilst you’re going through it all – your immune system is compromised, your haemoglobin and your white blood count is low, and in the red zone, so you need to be resting and staying away from other people who could have cold’s or flu’s, so going back to work means you’re exposing yourself”.

From going through this experience first-hand, Paula believes it’s a brokers duty of care to discuss loan protection with all their clients.

“I recommend my broker to everyone now. I recommend ALI Group too. Just the fact the turnaround was so quick, the customer service was fantastic and they were considerate of my situation, it was wonderful”.



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