Shaun's story

Shaun took five years to realise how good his cover was. "I didn't realise I had the cover to start with. Once I realised I had it, it was very simple, very easy and the information I had to gather was readily available..."

Shaun was just 21 when he took out a Loan Protection Plan with ALI along with his loan. He didn’t think too much about it at the time, he just took it out.

Shaun-Pull-out-quote_V3Fast-forward five years and Shaun did start thinking about his cover. He wasn’t sure what exactly he was covered for and had begun looking at other types of cover available.

But Shaun had lost his policy details, so called us to have them re-sent so he could compare policies. When he received them, he realised that we covered him for a Living Benefit.

Even better, during a call to us to run through his policy, Shaun realised he could submit a claim for cancer. He’d had a melanoma nearly five years previously (not long after originally taking out his cover), and struggled to make ends meet while taking three months off work to recover.

“…it was a very trying time and it took an emotional toll on everybody. We got by through savings and I borrowed against the house, but it was a struggle.”

That phone call changed everything – albeit five years later than it could have been.

In the end Shaun received a payment of more than $70,000, enough to pay back the money he borrowed against the house and get in front again.

“It was one of those phone calls that I hate because I never change anything, but it worked out $70,000 in my benefit.”

Shaun’s one regret? Not checking his policy sooner. He could’ve saved himself and his family financial stress while recovering.

Not sure what exactly you are covered for? Watch our Loan Protection Plan video to help better understand the ins and outs of your cover.

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Current as at March 2019

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