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Cancel protection

We're sorry to hear you're planning to leave. This is an important decision, so before you choose to proceed, have you considered these factors?

We want to make sure you stay protected

Regardless of whether that be through us or someone else. Too many Australians don't have sufficient cover. So, the most important question we need to ask is: Do you have a plan if the worst was to happen?

Please read through the following considerations, if you choose to proceed with cancellation please call us.

Our team is available Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm (AEDT) excluding public holidays.

Our team are here to help

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1 You can change your premium to fit your budget

The flexibility's there. So if you need to reduce your cover, just speak to our team.

2 We provide cover your super may not

You may survive a serious illness or injury. But trauma (Trauma Benefit) is unlikely to be available through your super. With us, you're covered.

We pay you, not the lender

Unlike other mortgage protection insurance; we give you the freedom to choose how to spend your benefit payment.

The older your policy, the more important it is

Waiting periods and new medical conditions arising mean that your existing policy might protect you more than a new one.

58% of Australians only have enough savings to last 3 months*...

...Before they'd have to sell an asset. Why give yourself that additional stress when you least need it?

Most people cover their car, home and/or belongings

Isn’t protecting yourself and your ability to pay the bills just as, if not more important than material things?