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Sarah Thomson

Sarah's first policy that she put in place was for a hardworking delivery driver, who was also a sole income earner.

Sarah Thomson is a Senior Finance Broker at Loan Market Geelong. Sarah is a finalist for the Broker of the Year: Insurance (Mortgage Protection and Life) Award at the 2015 Australian Mortgage Awards. With a process that takes only 3 minutes, we suggest you have read of Sarah's profile...

What made you decide to offer your clients loan protection?

The first policy that I put in place for a client was for a hardworking delivery driver, who was also a sole income earner. At the time, I ‘presumed’ that he would decline but instead he took it. 16 months later he was diagnosed with lung cancer and his mortgage was paid out in full. From that point on I realised to never assume – it’s not up to me to decide for them.

What keeps you motivated to continue to offer loan protection to your clients?

After having a couple of clients claim, I don’t ever want to receive a phone call asking me why I haven’t protected a client when I had the opportunity. At what point in the loan application process do you discuss loan protection with your clients? I first discuss loan protection at application time. However, it is not until doc sign-up that we organise the policy and go through the ‘accept’ or ‘decline’ process.

How long does it take you to provide a quote and discuss loan protection with your clients?

3 minutes

You’ve had clients that you’ve protected make a claim. How did you feel knowing that you have been instrumental in your clients being protected?

A great relief! I’ve had two major claims – the first was for lung cancer so the entire mortgage was paid out and the second was for a 42 year old who had melanoma cancer which he recovered from. He was paid around $83,000 within 3 days ….but he had forgotten about the policy! He was obviously extremely happy when he remembered!

What would you say to a colleague or broker considering offering their clients ALI loan protection?

If you’re not offering loan protection to your clients then your business is extremely vulnerable, and I suggest you meet with one of ALI's fantastic BDMs to see how it can improve your business. Protect your clients, protect your business/assets and be rewarded while doing it... It only takes 3 minutes! I’d prefer to spend 3 minutes with a client organising loan protection than spend 3 minutes with a lawyer whose client I didn’t offer loan protection to.

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