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  • "The wrong thing" not to discuss insurance - CEO Huy Truong, speaks with the Australian Broker on why its essential brokers inform customers of products they might really need in the future.
  • 4 Benefits of a Non-Bank Lender - Not sure whether to use a non bank lender or not? We discuss what they are, their benefits and what to keep an eye out for. More on the ALI blog now!
  • 4 ways to reduce property investment risk - No investment is without risk. Here's how to reduce your property investment risk, with ALI Group. More on the blog now!
  • 5 buying off the plan tips - One way you can break into the market is by buying off the plan. Here’s our pick of the best buying off the plan tips.
  • 5 mortgage protection myths debunked - Debating whether or not to get mortgage protection? Check out our list of common myths and why you might consider otherwise.
  • 5 tips for increasing your borrowing power - These little tips and tricks may be just what you need to increase your borrowing power and standing in front of a lender. More on the ALI Group Blog now.
  • 6 benefits of refinancing your home loan - Should you refinance your home loan or stick to your existing one? Not sure? Check out our list of benefits for refinancing your home loan today.
  • 6 factors to take into consideration when buying rural property - If you're planning on buying rural property, we've got some helpful tips for you.
  • 6 financial resolutions for the New Year - Have you started thinking about what your New Year’s resolutions are going to be? Why not give our financial NY resolution ideas a try? Browse now.
  • 7 reasons why a home loan application is declined - Not sure why your home loan application was rejected? ALI delves into the 7 most common reasons why. Browse now.
  • ALI announces their 2017 Brokers of the Year! - Today, we shine a spotlight on six brokers who best demonstrated client protection as part of their service in 2017.
  • ALI Group celebrates 15 years - ALI Group marked its 15th anniversary with a cocktail function at the Park Hyatt in Melbourne on Friday, 20th of July. This is the first of a series of events to be held in each major city around Australia to celebrate the milestone.
  • ALI Group launches national radio campaign - ALI Group launches a national radio campaign which will “hero” Mortgage Brokers.
  • ALI Group wins MFAA National Award - On Thursday, July 26th 2018 at the 2018 MFAA National Excellence Awards, ALI Group took out the national award for Support Service Provider of the year.
  • ALI holds kid's AFL clinic with special guests Nick and Alex Riewoldt - Find out about our morning with AFL greats Nick and Jack Riewoldt
  • Apartment vs House: which is right for you? - Not sure whether to purchase an apartment or a house? ALI outlines the pros and cons of each.
  • Australian Mortgage Awards 2018 Finalists - Congratulations to all our ALI-authorised brokers who have been named as finalists in the 2018 Australian Mortgage Awards.
  • Better understanding the First Home Super Saver Scheme - There's a few new changes that hit first home buyers in July 2018. Find out how you can make the most of these changes, now on the ALI blog.
  • Broker Spotlight: Chris Sproule - Finance broking since 2006, Chris boasts vast industry experience that enables him to help his clients filter through the myriad of products that are out there in the market.
  • Broker Spotlight: Jaime Savory - "If you gloss over it at the start, the client won’t see the importance of it. I try to talk about insurance as much as I talk about the home loan, so the client understands that the two go hand-in-hand."
  • Broker Spotlight: Peita Davies - Once, a single mother at 27 years of age to three young daughters, looking to start again, with no money, no home and in debt, Peita Davies had no knowledge of where life was going to take her. Fast forward 20 years and Peita is a picture of success in the broking industry.
  • Broker Spotlight: Renee Edwards - "Not everyone is able to take out full cover, that’s why it’s so great being able to offer different variations of cover to suit them. The customer is still getting cover, and we can all be rest assured knowing there’s a back-up plan in place."
  • Broker Spotlight: Ron Lloyd - Ron and his team at Aussie Toukley and Tuggerah, go above and beyond for each client. Ensuring a consistent and constant service of top-quality client care.
  • Broker Spotlight: Shareek Mohammed - “I always ensure that my customers receive the best level of service. I make it clear that I like to get them the best deal available and I will do whatever I can to provide the highest level of service as well by recommending the most appropriate product for them and their financial situation”.
  • Broker Spotlight: Simon Quattrocchi - "In every client meeting, at the start and throughout every loan process with a client, I will discuss with them the importance of having a back-up plan and I will present to them the benefits of a Loan Protection Plan."
  • Buying a house at auction - Looking to buy a house at auction? We've got some great tips to help make this process a success. Browse our blog now!
  • Buying an apartment checklist - Whether you're thinking of buying an apartment as an investment or for you to live in, there's a few things you should know! Browse our checklist today.
  • Celebrating 15 years with our South Australian brokers - On Thursday October 11th, ALI Group celebrated its 15th anniversary with a cocktail function at the National Wine Centre in Adelaide. This is the second event in the series, recognising and acknowledging some of South Australia's top performing brokers.
  • CEO urges brokers to talk insurance - While brokers are supposed to make reasonable enquiries on whether a customer can afford a loan at the time, there are no provisions in place to check whether they would be able to afford repayments should anything happen in the future.
  • Changing the face of men's health - It is clear to see men’s health is in crisis. Talking about and bringing the issues to the surface is crucial for improvement in the future.
  • Could cancer affect your ability to meet your mortgage repayments? - How would you protect your ability to meet your mortgage commitments should you develop cancer? Check out our latest blog now!
  • Cover can be affordable and convenient - SMH and Huy Truong discuss why having loan protection is more important than ever given household debt levels.
  • Experiencing redundancy whilst having a mortgage - Redundancy can seem like a difficult thing to get through, especially if you've got a mortgage to think about. Here's our guide on how best to navigate through this situation. Browse now.
  • Helping clients plan for the future - While some brokers might hesitate about talking to their clients about loan protection insurance, as it turns out, it might actually be what clients want.
  • Home Loan Protection: ALI Group or a Bank? - At ALI Group, we do home loan protection a little bit different to most banks. Browse now to find out more!
  • How much does it cost to refinance? - If you’re thinking about refinancing your home loan, we’ve got a helpful guide that covers the 6 most common fees you’ll come across when switching lenders. Browse now!
  • How to buy a house with no deposit - Is it actually possible to buy a house with no deposit? ALI shows you how. More on the ALI blog now.
  • How to get the best home loan rates - Getting the right home loan rate could save you thousands in interest. Here's how to get the best home loan rate for you. More on the ALI Group blog!
  • How to Increase Property Value: 4 Renovation Ideas - Renovations and home improvements can drive and increase property value - but which ones are the most significant?
  • How to save for a deposit in 2019 - Looking to purchase a home? Here's how to get started. More on the ALI Blog now.
  • Is it cheaper to build or buy a house? - We discuss the pros and cons of buying an existing home and building a new home. View on the ALI blog now.
  • Life insurance through superannuation: 5 things you may want to consider - Find out a number of factors you may want to consider when deciding if the default option of life insurance through super is right for you.
  • Making shared ownership of a home work - If you’re struggling to get up the property ladder, co-ownership of a property may be the way to get there. Find everything you need to know about this purchasing method, now on the ALI blog.
  • MPA top 100 brokers - ALI would like to congratulate the MPA Top 100 Brokers for 2018. The Top 100 list showcases the accomplishments of these industry leading brokers providing great service to a stunning number of clients each.
  • Our 15 Year Journey - Over the last 15 years, ALI’s purpose hasn’t wavered and we continue to support the mortgage broking industry by providing quality risk products and services, so brokers can confidently protect their customers.
  • Protecting WA home and property buyers for 15 years - On Thursday October 18th, ALI Group celebrated its 15th anniversary with a cocktail function at The Old Brewery in Perth. This is the third event in the series, recognising and acknowledging some of Western Australia's top performing brokers.
  • Responsible lending and protecting clients - Peter White, Executive Chairman of the FBAA, on the…
  • Take our mortgage stress test - The questions to ask yourself to work of if you're suffering mortgage stress. Take our quick mortgage stress test now.
  • The hidden costs of breast cancer - For Australian women, it’s frightening to know that 1 in 8 will be diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 85. Hear from Dinh as she talks about her experience with breast cancer and how having a protection plan in place alleviated the financial burden on her and her family.
  • The need for a back-up plan - Robert Trewin, an AMA 2017 Broker of the Year, reflects on why he believes it's essential that brokers discuss loan protection as part of their needs analysis.
  • The risks of underinsurance and over-insurance for mortgage protection - Don't put your family and your lifestyle at risk by under/over insuring. Find out more about having the right amount of cover, now on the ALI Group blog.
  • The women spearheading progress - “Women shouldn’t feel that they have to conform to a traditional path." Hear more thoughts from ALI Group National Sales Manager, Gabrielle Moscati, in MPA's recent article.
  • Understanding the credit reporting changes in 2018 - Not sure what the new credit reporting changes mean for you? ALI Group has you covered. Check out our latest blog now!
  • Underwriting: What is it & how does it work? - Find out more about the underwriting process, why it's important and what factors insurers take into consideration on the ALI Group blog now.
  • What are the costs associated with buying a house? - Buying your first home? ALI Group takes you through some of the costs of buying a house. More on our blog now.
  • What are the ongoing costs for an investment property? - Do you know what you're getting into when purchasing an investment property? ALI outlines the ongoing investment property costs you're most likely to encounter. Browse now!
  • What happens at settlement? - Settlement can be a daunting process if you’re unsure about what’s going to happen. Learn more about the settlement process, here with ALI Group. Browse now!
  • What Is A Comparison Rate? - Find out what a comparison rate is, how it differs to an interest rate and how it's calculated. Browse now.
  • What is a house and land package? - You've probably heard of the term "house and land package", but do you know what it actually involves? We outline the basics behind house and land packages, and its benefits. Browse now.
  • What is home loan serviceability? - Home loan serviceability is essentially your ability to "service" your mortgage repayments. Find out how this figure is calculated and how it impacts your ability to get a loan.
  • What is loan portability? - Loan portability is at its essence, a home loan transfer. Find out everything else you need to know about this home loan feature, now on the ALI blog.
  • What is rentvesting? - If you're wanting to break into the housing market, but haven't got enough saved for your dream home, why not rentvest? Browse now.
  • What Is Term Life Insurance & How Is It Different To Loan Protection Insurance? - Compare the difference between Term Life Insurance and ALI's Loan Protection Insurance.
  • You got the loan - now protect it - Loan protection should be a standard part of the mortgage process, but too many clients are never offered the opportunity to have this. MPA and ALI Group look at how brokers can make a difference.

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