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First Home Buyer's Playbook

First Home Buyer's Playbook

From one first home buyer to another, these are the sentiments of our recent broker tool to use with their clients, the First HomeBuyers Playbook. 

Written by ALI Group’s very own Marketing and Communication Executive, whom like over 50% of ALI’s customer base is currently going through the home buying journey with a mortgage broker. 

Throughout the process, even having some financial literacy up her sleeve, Emma has noticed a real gap in quality information for first home buyers who are knew to the journey. 

After going down almost every rabbit hole looking for answers and the right information, Emma collated her findings into a tangible booklet, which aims to be both informative, educational and most importantly, understandable. 

The end-to-end guide to purchasing a first home should be a great tool for brokers to feature within their initial discussions with clients. The playbook talks about the entire journey and how important the mortgage broker is throughout that journey. What’s more, it really goes into detail about some of the schemes and options available to first home buyers, as well as breaking down the financial jargon, buzz words and some of the more common questions, like “how much deposit do I need?” and “what is LMI?”. 

ALI Group CEO, Huy Truong says,

“FHB’s make up over half of ALI’s policyholders and most of our mortgage brokers have reported that FHBs are the biggest portion of their business, so it’s important to ALI to support brokers with these relationships and to develop these types of tools, with the end customer in mind. 

“Through research of our own, we have found increased engagement rates when using a relatable persona i.e. Emma when speaking to this audience. As someone who is in that demographic and in a similar position to many other FHBs, the readers are more likely to engage and connect to this tone and personal story telling, all whilst feeling informed and educated.”



Australian Millenials

In recent research conducted by Bankwest, they have crushed the idea of young Australians being financially naïve “smashed avo-eaters”, reporting more than a quarter of those surveyed would delay having a family to own their own home.

Australian Millennials aged 23 to 38-years-old are among the most optimistic to believe that home ownership is available for them. With 25.7 per cent of that age bracket believing home ownership is “easily achievable”. 

It is also reported that 46.6 per cent of Millennials surveyed still believe in the Great Australian Dream of owning a home, the highest of any other age group1

In light of this research, ALI Group feel well placed to be side by side with mortgage brokers, assisting FHBs throughout their journey to home ownership and nurturing these relationships. 

You can download your digital copy here of the First Home Buyer's Playbook.


Talk to your mortgage broker today

If you’re ready to learn more about what’s available to you as a first home buyer, and you haven’t made an appointment with a mortgage broker yet, you can use our helpful Find a Mortgage Broker search engine, which will help you find your local ALI-authorised broker, ready to help you purchase your home and protect it. 

Click here.



1. Bankwest Survey, 2020. [Accessed at:] 




About Emma Flanagan

Emma is the Senior Marketing and Communications executive at ALI Group. After completing a Bachelor of Communication with a Major in Journalism, Emma spent a couple of years living, travelling and working abroad before making her way home to Australia. Now, with firm roots back in her home town of the Central Coast in NSW, her and her husband just bought their very first home with the help of their mortgage broker. Now, Emma is here to help FHBs just like her by providing informative and educational content and to keep them abreast of what’s what when it comes to buying, refinancing and protecting themselves and their family from financial hardship. 

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