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Learn how this first home buyer saves on every day purchases

Learn how this first home buyer saves on every day purchases

If you had told me at the end of 2019, that the year ahead would be anything like this, I wouldn’t have believed you. Whilst 2020 might have seen a lot of wonderful plans cancelled or postponed, changed the way we socialise, how we work, and ultimately the way we live and co-exist with each other, there have been some positives from this experience too. 

For many, it has forced a slower pace to the usual rat race. It’s given us time back with our loved ones and our pets. It might mean less time commuting to work and more time investing in our own health and lifestyles, or, picking up new hobbies we never had the time for before.  

For me, it’s made me appreciate the importance of planning for the future, especially financially. As a recent first home buyer (FHB), I purchased my first home as NSW went into lockdown. It was, financially speaking, a very stressful time not knowing what the future might hold.

Tightening the purse strings became a priority. It’s safe to say with little opened during those first few months of COVID-19 and no commuting to work, the money we were saving helped with furnishing our new home and all those extra costs you don’t think about as a FHB. 

Managing a mortgage, bills and everyday expenses like groceries (why are groceries so expensive by the way?) for the first time is daunting. So, making small savings where we can has become a focus of ours. 

One thing which has been huge to us with saving money is the Extra Benefits program. You see, as part of ALI Group’s offering, when you take out an ALI My Protection Plan, you are gaining access to the Extra Benefits program, which could help you save $1,300 or more a year on regular household spending1

What is Extra Benefits?

Basically, when you become an ALI My Protection Plan policyholder, you’re not just helping to safeguard you and your families future in preparing for some of life’s unexpected and unwanted events, you’re also gaining access to save up to 30% on discounted eGift cards through the Extra Benefits online store for everyday purchases.

It works by allowing you to buy eGift cards from over 80 participating retailers at a discounted rate. You can enjoy an instant transaction and voucher to use at the checkout. 

There are some huge brands on there too, including clothing and footwear stores, electronics, entertainment, fuel, GROCERIES (yes please), furniture, health and beauty, restaurants, sports, travel and so much more.

For me, I know each week we are going to spend at least $200 on our grocery shop at our local supermarket. So, I have the website saved to my smartphone, I log in to the website, go to the supermarket section and purchase an eGift card worth $200, where I receive a 5% discount. It might not seem like much but saving that 5% each week just on groceries, means by the end of the year I’ve saved over $520 on my weekly shop. If you apply this to all of your regular household spending, you could literally offset your ALI My Protection Plan premium and use the money toward other things like furnishing your house or whatever you fancy really.

Since the introduction of Extra Benefits to our policyholders and our authorised brokers, there has been over $2.1 million spent and over $115,000 saved!2

Now is as good of a time as any to start saving with ALI’s Extra Benefits.

If you’re a current policyholder and you haven’t registered yet, you can contact us here.

For any other questions, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team who are happy to assist in any way on 1800 006 776.

1Based on the average household expenditure from Australian Bureau of Statistics and Australian Automobile Association, using the discounts available in the Extra Benefits store can deliver significant savings. Applying the maximum discount available to five categories can deliver savings of $1,300 per annum. Visit to see how we did the maths.

2ALI Group Extra Benefits Store Analytics, April 2020.

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