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ALI's commitment to The Otis Foundation

ALI's commitment to The Otis Foundation

A message from ALI Group CEO, Huy Truong

21 years ago, the wife of a good friend tragically died from breast cancer. Her name was Judy and she was 36 years old. Judy and Andrew lived on a beautiful property just outside of Bendigo. During her illness Judy reflected on how wonderful it would be for those suffering from breast cancer to have access to a retreat where they can cry, they can laugh and they can spend quality time with their family or for a brief period of time, escape!

Judy and Andrew had a dog called Otis and thus The Otis Foundation was born. 

Since its inception, The Otis Foundation has provided free retreats for over 20,000 breast cancer sufferers and their loved ones. Unfortunately, there has been an increasing demand each year as more and more people are inflicted with this serious illness.

On behalf of ALI, I am really proud to announce a partnership to support Otis, where we hope in the coming years to get behind their mission of providing more retreats for those suffering from breast cancer, seeking respite or to create some lasting memories with families and loved ones.

As part of our commitment, we will donate at least $50,000 per year over the life of the partnership. But beyond the financial support, we have some specific goals that we hope to achieve with them: 

  • In the short term, we will increase the capacity of Otis retreats by 500 nights to fast track the hundreds of women and men on their waitlist. 
  • Raise awareness about the incredible work Otis does. If anyone you know is suffering and would value a chance to escape, please let them know about Otis and encourage them to make use of the free service. 
  • Highlight the opportunity for those of you who have holiday properties to consider donating a few nights a year for Otis guests. Rather than have a property sit empty, turn it into a memorable retreat for an Otis guest. 


CEO of The Otis Foundation, Claire Culley shared, “I am truly humbled by ALI Group’s generous contribution to provide retreat accommodation to individuals experiencing breast cancer, so they may temporarily escape the psychological and emotional challenges that accompany their diagnosis. This provides them with the gift of time and space, helping them to reconnect and take a break with their loved ones. On behalf of the Otis Board, team and most importantly our guests we sincerely thank ALI Group for their support.”

I hope you can also get behind Otis and share their story and service with those you know who have been affected by breast cancer. Together we can help make lasting memories to those who need it most.

Huy Truong - ALI Group CEO


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