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ALI Group's 8th Annual Broker of the Year Awards

ALI Group's 8th Annual Broker of the Year Awards

ALI Group are pleased to be celebrating their 8th annual Client Protection Broker of the Year Awards, which showcase the top performing brokers from each State, who over the past 12 months have shown commitment, dedication and persistence in protecting their clients with ALI’s My Protection Plan (MPP). The awards also highlight the ‘emerging’ brokers who are relatively new to ALI and have made a great impact in their short tenure.

The awards are an important recognition of the work ALI’s authorised brokers do in protecting their clients from financial hardship, which contributes greatly to ALI’s mission.

Huy Truong, ALI Group CEO says,

“We are very proud to be working with such talented brokers who believe in protecting their clients. Many of the winners of these ALI awards over the past 8 years are or have been MPA Top 100 Brokers and boast many other industry awards and accolades. This year’s winners are equally as impressive”.

“These brokers are not only doing a wonderful job for their clients but are also shining examples to their peers on how to be successful with financial protection”.

Congratulations to the following winners:


ALI Group’s Client Protection Brokers of the Year 2020 and Emerging Client Protection Brokers of the Year 2020



James Florance – Mortgage Choice – Client Protection Broker of the Year winner 

James Florance will not only be adding Client Protection Broker of the Year to his list of industry accolades but also celebrates another incredible milestone with ALI Group. Since coming on board in 2011, James has protected over 500 of his clients with ALI’s protection. An amazing achievement, which shows James’ sheer determination to protect his clients and in making ALI an imperative part of his process and business. 

You can read more about James here

Kara Nguyen – Smartline – Emerging Client Protection Broker of the Year winner 

Kara has been a broker for only a short while and became authorised with ALI in January 2020. During what was a difficult year, full of change and concern, Kara managed to protect 22 of her clients with MPP. Kara has built MPP into her process with her main driver being to protect her clients as well as her business. Kara’s clients all receive a welcome pack, which contains information about MPP including the FSG and the PDS. What’s more, Kara is incredibly driven and determined, working long hours to meet the needs of her clients. 


New South Wales

Norman Moon – Aussie Home Loans – Client Protection Broker of the Year winner  

Norm, who to date has protected over 280 clients, also recently won the quarterly NSW MPP Aussie Mobile Broker award showing once again his great attitude towards MPP. What’s more, Norm goes above and beyond to show his support for the work we do at ALI and advocates for other brokers to think about protecting their clients too. Norm does this by helping during training sessions, giving presentations to other brokers on ALI’s behalf and is always willing to help in general when it comes to campaigns or other activities. 

Jai Martinkovits – Finance Ferret (Connective) - Emerging Client Protection Broker of the Year winner 

Jai has a great MPP process which is 100% embedded in all of his loan conversations. To date, he has protected 35 clients with MPP, which is a great achievement for a newly authorised broker. Jai brings with him a great attitude toward protecting his clients and is a firm believer in MPP – so much so, he has even taken out his own policy. Jai is always willing to engage, learn and take on new ideas. 


Australian Capital Territory

Ben Hennessey – Aussie Home Loans – Client Protection Broker of the Year winner 

Ben has protected over 110 clients to date, 31 of those in the last 12 months alone, showing how much of a believer and supporter he is when it comes to MPP. Not only is Ben now the ALI Client Protection Broker of the Year winner for the ACT but he is also the number one MPP broker in the ACT overall. Aside from the numbers, Ben is always supportive and looking for ways to help the ALI team – offering to come out on the road to talk to other ACT brokers about his process and help them to embed MPP in their own loan process.



Jaime Savory – Gippsland Finance Solutions (Choice) – Client Protection Broker of the Year winner 

With over 400 clients protected since becoming authorised, 133 of those in the last 12 months, it’s safe to say Jaime is a firm believer in protecting her clients. Jaime has never said no to showing her support in offering financial protection and is always willing to help other brokers in embedding a strong process of their own. 

To read more about Jaime and her story, you can do so here

Nigel Ferreira – Money Quest – Emerging Client Protection Broker of the Year winner 

Nigel has well and truly hit the ground running as a newly authorised broker. In his first year authorised with ALI Group this is an amazing result given the challenging environment of COVID-19. Nigel has a strong process in place and always ensures an informative discussion is had with his clients about considering their financial protection.



Kirsty Dunphey – Uploans (Choice) – Client Protection Broker of the Year winner 

Kirsty was authorised with ALI back in 2014. The journey was a slow burn initially but when Kirsty decided that this was the right thing for her clients, she was off and running! Kirsty has embraced MPP, and this is evident by the 314 clients that she has protected throughout her journey so far. Kirsty is very passionate about everything that she does. She is ambitious and strives to be the best that she can be. Reviews from her clients and her many awards over the last couple of years are testament to that. Kirsty has quickly cemented herself as one of our top brokers and we are grateful for her ongoing support.


South Australia/Northern Territory

Matthew Kantarias – Aussie Home Loans – Client Protection Broker of the Year winner 

Matthew, at only 21 years of age, is already co-owner of four Aussie stores. He is an impressive, determined, and dedicated individual who was on-board with MPP from the very start. Matthew sees the value MPP provides his clients and considers the offer a natural part of his process. What’s more, Matthew is a wonderful advocate for ALI both within his own stores, where he champions MPP and encourages his colleagues to follow his lead, and also the broader team both locally and nationally. Matt protected almost 100 of his clients in 2020. 

Nathan Hartley – Significant Financial Solutions (PLAN) – Emerging Client Protection Broker of the Year winner   

Nathan is the ALI champion of Significant Financial Solutions (SFS). Initially he had a slow start in offering MPP but through his own trauma experience  was able to draw from it to realise the moral obligation he feels he has to ensure his clients have the opportunity to be protected. Nathan is a great mentor to the SFS team, and he has inspired several of the newer brokers to follow his lead in client protection. Nathan kindly volunteered to be our guest speaker for a national webinar we did for PLAN brokers in 2020. Nathan shared his ‘why’ and ‘how’ inspiring many PLAN brokers nationally. In 2020, Nathan protected almost 40 clients with MPP. When it comes to process, Nathan uses the ALI customer brochure and often refers to the claim stories provided by real policyholders who had to make a claim on their policy. He always ensures a detailed conversation is had with his clients, making sure they can make an informed decision about their protection needs. 



Western Australia

Tanya Clyde – Specialist Finance Group – Client Protection Broker of the Year winner 

Working in WA’s booming First Home Buyer construction industry, Tanya Clyde believes as a broker she has an important role to play in helping her clients not only navigate their finance needs, but also to provide life changing financial education and ensure they have considered protecting the biggest asset many of them will ever own. Tanya works with hundreds of clients each year and takes the time to discuss protection with each of them as she understands most are time poor and if she isn’t raising this important issue, then her clients are not likely to be protected from the unexpected. 

Tanya and the team at Maxon Finance have built a process which sees every client being offered MPP, believing it is easy to understand and offer and with a simple application process making it a pleasure to sell. Protecting 116 clients with MPP in 2020 Tanya is most deserving of the 2020 WA Broker of The Year for her commitment to her clients and dedication to ensuring her First Home Buyers have protection in place from life’s unexpected events.

James Bartlett – Loan Market – Emerging Client Protection Broker of the Year winner

James started as a mortgage broker just a few years ago and was working part-time while juggling another job as a FIFO worker in WA’s north. Even with this challenge, James still made time to go through document signing with his clients, in person. He also ensured he took the time to discuss ALI’s protection and the importance of having a Plan B. It’s a real testament to James‘ commitment to his clients and the mortgage industry that lead him to giving up his FIFO role to focus on mortgage broking full time in 2020. James says he is a firm believer in ALI’s protection plan and he ensures he always has the conversation because he truly cares about his clients. 

Earlier this year James was named an MPA young gun for 2021 and has recently set up his own Loan Market office. It’s James’ dedication that makes him a deserving winner of our Emerging Client Protection Broker award and we look forward to seeing his successes in years to come.


Congratulations again to all the winning brokers and thank you to our broader network of brokers who help us protect more Australians each day from financial hardship.

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