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Our story

Protecting home and property buyers since 2003

ALI Group is a specialist provider of simplified personal risk insurance to Australian home and property buyers.

Since 2003 we've protected more than 202,000 Australians with over $55 billion in cover (current as at Jan 2020).

You hear more about our 15 year journey by watching the video below.


Our mission

Protecting Australian home and property buyers from financial hardship.

Our Leadership Team

Leading the charge for ALI is our Leadership Team. With a wealth of experience between the team, browse now to find out more about them and how they've helped ALI become a leading provider of loan protection insurance. 

ALI Group and mortgage brokers

We have a close affiliation with the mortgage broking industry – and almost 4,000 brokers nationwide are authorised to offer our products.

Banks and non-bank lenders protect themselves with Lenders’ Mortgage Insurance (LMI). We want to make sure the clients of mortgage brokers have that same opportunity to protect themselves.

The ALI Group difference

Unlike mortgage protection products offered by banks and non-bank lenders, our products pay the borrower or their estate directly – allowing them to choose how to use their funds.

Check out the claims experience highlighting some of the payments we’ve made in the past.

More about ALI Group

While we may offer a 'boutique' service, we're backed by Hannover and QBE Australia – two of the world’s largest insurers and reinsurers. So you get the best of both worlds.

To find out more about us, our story or our brokers, please get in touch. Call 1800 006 776 today and a member of our service team will happily answer all your questions.

Key Partners

Today, more and more mortgage broking groups and brokers are integrating loan protection into their client service, and they have chosen ALI Group to be their exclusive partner. Some of our key partners include: