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If you’d like to request Involuntary Unemployment Benefit claim forms for your mortgage protection policy, fill out this form and we’ll email it to you.

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If you would like to make a claim for the Involuntary Unemployment Benefit, please complete your details and we will email the claim form to you.

Please note that along with your completed claim form, you will need to provide:

  • separation certificate and termination letter from your employer and which states the period of your employment and the exact reason for your unemployment;
  • Your contract of employment which states your start date and terms of employment, or a letter from your employer confirming these details;
  • Your offer of employment letter that was issued by your employer at the time you commenced working for them;
  • Evidence of your ongoing search for work, for example emails confirming receipt of job applications or screen shots of applications submitted online with a job search engine; and
  • Confirmation of your registration with an Australian government approved recruitment agency, for example or copies of Centrelink Benefit Statements which show you are in receipt of Newstart Allowance or are engaged in return to work services.

We also remind you that the Involuntary Unemployment Benefit is not payable during the first 30 days of your involuntary unemployment and benefits accrue monthly in arrears thereafter. The first monthly benefit won’t be payable until the week after you have been involuntarily unemployed for 60 days.

Please note, you may only be eligible to make a claim on the Involuntary Unemployment Benefit if your policy commenced between 4 March 2017 and 21 June 2020 inclusive.

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