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Broker testimonials

Click on the links below to hear stories from real brokers authorised by us, who all choose to offer loan protection for different reasons. Each have their own unique approach to integrating the offer of ALI's protection into their business.


James Florance QLD | Mortgage Choice

James' passion is to assist his clients achieve their property and financial goals. My Protection Plan forms part of thi ...
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“I believe it is critical not only as a duty of care as professionals but to ensure every client at least considers the ...
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"I particularly love helping first home buyers, it’s such an overwhelming and daunting time for someone going through th ...
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“I let my clients know that I will be discussing with them the importance of protection because I feel I am morally obli ...
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“Seeing first-hand what happens when you don’t have that protection in place, it has certainly steeled my resolve to pro ...
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"My Protection Plan is something I feel very strongly about; many people don’t think about the impact a significant life ...
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"I put a focus on the word protection and remind them that their biggest assets are their health, their family and their ...
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"Not everyone is able to take out full cover, that’s why it’s so great being able to offer different variations of cover ...
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Jaime Savory Choice | VIC

Jaime, who has seen to over 170 clients protected, speaks of the importance of pre-positioning My Protection Plan at the ...
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James Angus VIC | PLAN

James believes the simplicity and convenience of My Protection Plan provides great appeal to him and his clients.
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Ron and his team at Aussie Toukley and Tuggerah, go above and beyond for each client. Ensuring a consistent and constant ...
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“I always ensure that my customers receive the best level of service. I make it clear that I like to get them the best d ...
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Chris Sproule QLD | nMB

Finance broking since 2006, Chris boasts vast industry experience that enables him to help his clients filter through th ...
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Brett Wadelton

Brett Wadelton VIC | PLAN

My Protection Plan provides Brett and his customers with peace of mind when a life event happens without notice.
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Robert Trewin VIC | nMB

Rob has seen first-hand the benefits of having protection and the difference it can make.
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Sarah Thomson VIC | Loan Market

Sarah's first policy that she put in place was for a hardworking delivery driver, who was also a sole income earner.
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Peita Davies Choice | NSW

Once, a single mother at 27 years of age to three young daughters, looking to start again, with no money, no home and in ...
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"After being in the industry for over 10 years, my favourite thing about being a Mortgage Broker is helping clients. I l ...
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“I had a bad experience when I bought my first home and now it’s something, I want to make sure, no one else has to go t ...
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Phil Rogers Loan Market | QLD

Phil sees My Protection Plan as a really big part of his agenda right from the beginning.
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Karen Bashford 4

Karen Bashford NSW | PLAN

Karen offers loan protection because she believes it's important to provide a well-rounded and informative service.
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Angelo De Pasquale VIC | PLAN

Angelo recently achieved the milestone of protecting 1,000 Australians from financial hardship with loan protection.
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Tricia Masin Choice | VIC

Tricia's motivation for offering loan protection to all her clients is simply for the "peace of mind".
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