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Click on the links below to hear stories from real brokers authorised by us, who all choose to offer loan protection for different reasons. Each have their own unique approach to integrating the offer of protection into their business.

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Angelo De Pasquale VIC | PLAN

Angelo recently achieved the milestone of protecting 1,000 Australians from financial hardship with loan protection.
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Martin Ireland WA | Resolve Finance

Martin believes by not offering ALI, he wouldn't be doing the right thing by his clients.
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Robert Trewin VIC | nMB

Robert has seen firsthand the benefits of having loan protection and the difference it can make.
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Peita Davies Choice | NSW

Peita believes loan protection is not a bolt on or add on sale, it's part of the process.
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Tricia Masin Choice | VIC

Tricia's motivation for offering loan protection to all her clients is simply for the "peace of mind".
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Phil Rogers Loan Market | QLD

Phil sees loan protection as a really big part of his agenda right from the beginning, he thinks of it as his responsibi ...
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Sarah Thomson VIC | Loan Market

Sarah's first policy that she put in place was for a hardworking delivery driver, who was also a sole income earner.
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