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1 Stopping or restarting an automatic increase to your cover

The value of the insurance cover is protected against the impact of inflation by automatic increases to the benefit amounts at each policy anniversary.

At each policy anniversary, the Death and Terminal Illness Benefit amount automatically increases by whichever is greater:

• 3%

• consumer price index (CPI)

At each policy anniversary, the most we will increase your cover because of CPI is 10%. As the cover amounts increase, your premium usually increases.

A change to your Death and Terminal Illness Benefit may change your other benefit amounts. Please refer to your Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Document for details. If you cannot locate these documents, please contact us.

You can:

• decline an automatic increase,

• stop all future automatic increases, or

• ask us to restart all future automatic increases

by sending your request in writing to [email protected] or calling us on 1800 006 776.

2 Change payment frequency

You may choose to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We will arrange with you over the phone which day of the week/fortnight/month your premiums will be deducted.

3 New name

If your name has changed, we will require evidence of this in the form of a marriage certificate, birth certificate, driver’s licence, etc. Simply scan or photograph the document and email it to [email protected] along with your policy number and your full name currently on the policy. Once we have updated your name, we will send you an updated policy schedule via post.

Notifying us that you smoke

If at the time of applying for My Protection Plan you had smoked or vaped any substance within the prior 12 months, the status should have always been ‘smoker’ please let us know of this by calling us. If after the protection started you began smoking, there is no reason to update the protection, as you will remain a non-smoker until the cover ends.

Notifying us that you have quit smoking

If you have quit smoking and can declare that it has been 12 months or more since smoking any substance, please complete this form.

Return the signed form to ALI Group by scanning or photographing the form and email it to [email protected]. Once we have updated you smoker status we will send you an updated policy schedule via post. Thank you for choosing ALI Group.