Loan Protection Insurance

Loan Protection

ALI Group's Loan Protection Plan is a simple, easy to understand and affordable solution that can provide you peace of mind by helping protect you and your family, your assets and your lifestyle. 

Simple Income Protection

Our claims experience

Hear stories from real people, who used a mortgage broker to obtain a loan and had the foresight to take the protection they were offered.


Mortgage Brokers

ALI Group helps mortgage brokers discuss loan serviceability and health events with their clients and provides them with a compelling product and service solution for their clients.

Latest News

30 Jan 2017
What Is Home Equity & How Can You Use It?
Home equity is a complicated topic – and today at ALI, we break down the crux of equity, what it is and how you can use it today. More on the blog now ...
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18 Jan 2017
Mortgage Brokers Vs Bank Managers
Should you choose a mortgage broker or a bank manager? Today at ALI, we investigate each option and help you decide. Browse now.
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Client Testimonials

Lina's story
At just 31 years old Lina suffered a debilitating stroke with the need undergo brain surgery and then go through months of rehabilitation.
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Jo’s story
Jo Rasche is an Accredited Mortgage Consultant based in South Australian and her stepson Tate, who was diagnosed with testicular cancer had to make a claim on h ...
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Your Need for Protection

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The facts
So much emphasis is placed on insuring our cars, property and homes that we rarely consider how we’d pay for all these things if we were to lose our health, life and ultimately our ability to earn an income – our most important asset!
Your need for protection
Watch this short video that talks about what loan protection is and why every home and property buyer should consider it.