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Loan Protection Plan

An ALI Group Loan Protection Plan pays in the event of involuntary unemployment, serious illness or injury and death. Unlike many other plans, it pays you (or your family), not your lender. So you can use it to cover your mortgage or whatever other expenses you have.

Just as important, our plans are flexible, affordable, don't require any medicals and cover all types of employment.

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Jo’s story Cancer | Living Benefit

Helping clients get through their darkest times is one of the things mortgage broker Jo loves about her job.
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Sharon’s story Loss of independent existence | Living Benefit

When you feel fit and healthy, you really do believe 'it won't happen to me'. But as Sharon now knows, it can.
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Protecting home and property buyers since 2003

Our mission is to ensure a home or property buyer's health emergency doesn't become a financial one too.

That's why we've become a leading provider of loan and mortgage protection to Australian home and property buyers.

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