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Tina Assadour

"My Protection Plan is something I feel very strongly about; many people don’t think about the impact a significant life event can have on their overall quality of life."

Tina Assadour

Aussie Mobile Mortgage Broker, Tina Assadour does not like to talk about herself.

However, with a little persistence, we managed to find out what makes this down to earth, single mother of one, tick?

“I am more interested in getting to know and understanding others. I’m definitely a people person and very curious by nature”.

We’re guessing this is what makes Tina such a great broker – her genuine interest and care in people. 

A Western Sydney local and the youngest of five daughters (we salute her Father!), Tina has one “amazingly talented” 25-year-old son and is every bit the loving and doting mother. 

Aside from her interest in fitness, dance, African Drumming and passion for mortgage broking, Tina has a genuine interest in mental health and its impact on families and loved ones.. 

“I was told by my first broker, I would be the right fit for the mortgage broking industry. I was told the key to broking was relationships and communication, which was something I felt I could combine having a background in sales and training. So, I did some research – took about 12 months to take the leap and five years later, here I am”. 


A business owner for 17 years 

Tina has been a business owner for 17 years. With 12 of those operating her own boutique Registered Training Organisation working in Vocational Education and Training within the Fast Food/Retail Franchise and Mining Sectors. 

And has spent the last five, as a mobile mortgage broker for Aussie Home Loans. 

“Having the autonomy and ability to make changes swiftly and continually improve my brand and business is something I have always found appealing”.


Something to learn from each new client

A genuine love for helping people has lead Tina on a great career path. Stating that her favourite parts about being a mortgage broker besides the hard work, is improving people’s financial situations, seeing first home buyers get the keys to their home and forming long – lasting relationships with her clients.

“I get to meet such a diverse group of people – there’s always something to learn from each customer – I love it!”. 


Set systems, be diligent and disciplined

When asked what advice Tina would give to brokers thinking of starting their own business or considering entering the industry, she says:

“Set systems, be diligent and disciplined. Be patient, educate yourself as much as possible, align yourself with persons you aspire to emulate and never be afraid to ask questions or for help – no matter how silly you think it is. Always remember what brought you into this industry and the good in what you do and focus on that when times get tough”. 

Tina also believes it’s important to set yourself challenges. Doing the same thing will get you the same results so if you want change, you need to seek it and make it happen.


Always be kind

Having grown up with a mother and two sisters who have struggled most of their lives with various forms of mental illness, Tina says it is an area which she approaches with non-judgement and understanding and is of the belief that where ever possible, every experience you have with a person should be a positive one – because you really don’t know what is going on with them personally and a little bit of kindness can go a long way.

It’s these exact values which form Tina’s business philosophies and ethos.

“I try to make every experience a positive one for others. I try to treat others as you would like them to treat you – even when you know they may not be capable of reciprocating. It’s a simple approach but that’s me”. 


Customer feedback

The feedback from Tina’s clients is that she genuinely cares about their situation and is very clear in the way she explains and communicates with them, allowing them to feel comfortable. 

We have no doubt Tina’s clients know they are in good hands with her. Having driven 200Kms to get Guarantor documents signed, giving so much of her time to meeting with clients ensuring they are comfortable with the decisions they are making, wherever possible hand delivering loan documents and signing these face-to-face with the customer to ensure they don’t miss anything. Conducting late night and early morning meetings to fit around their schedules, and all the while Tina, who takes no special credit says, “most brokers would do the same for their clients”. 


An extra bit of customer care

Tina tells us how she goes that extra mile with her customers, by discussing with them how to protect their mortgage and with a lot of customers never really considering it before, they truly see this discussion as an extra level of care, making it even more rewarding for Tina.

Tina is a supporter of My Protection Plan and integrates it into her process from her very first appointment with a client. 

“My Protection Plan is something I feel very strongly about; many people don’t think about the impact a significant life event can have on their overall quality of life. I feel it is my duty of care as their broker to discuss it. There is no pressure in the conversation, its more just education to ensure they have a Plan B. As a broker, I have had a customer claim on their policy and understand the importance, I have also sat with customers trying to tidy up their finances after a significant life event when no coverage was in place. It is a Must Do for me”.

For Tina, her first-hand experience didn’t need to be her catalyst to see the value in offering protection to her clients. From the very start, Tina knew it was “the right thing to do” for her customers.

“It shows we care as brokers and want to ensure they are protecting their home and family”. 


It doesn't have to sound like an upsell attempt

Tina’s advice to brokers who are grappling with My Protection Plan sounding like an upsell attempt, says to use words like “have you considered what would happen if?” as it takes the pressure off. 

“I genuinely state that there are many products in the market and whether they purchase ours or someone else’s is irrelevant – the important thing is that they have a plan and coverage should the unforeseen occur. If they already have insurances in place I gently tell them to just check them and make sure they have the coverage they require and if not, we continue the discussion. I also give multiple scenarios in relation to coverage and affordability.

For the brokers who have heard “no” perhaps one too many times, Tina says to “re-think your approach – have a gentle and natural conversation, ask questions on how and what they would do if something were to happen”.


Memorable career moments

Tina was given the opportunity to speak to new brokers at Aussie’s bi annual conference on her experience in the first 12 months as a female broker. What’s more, Tina has also trained and unofficially mentored new brokers, recalling the success of new brokers which she has helped, as something she really enjoys as she understands how tough it can be. 

However, the most memorable part of Tina’s career thus far was assisting a young family with 4 children who were on a single income, to purchase their first home. 

“It was a long process, but strong relationships were built”.




If you would like to know more about how you can become an authorised broker like Tina, click here.

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