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Savings of $1,300 or more p.a* with Extra Benefits that comes with an ALI Protection Plan


The figures provided here are from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Australian Automobile Association for an average Australian household. The savings calculations provided here do not include other available discounts including entertainment and travel.

Average Household Expenditure

Item Weekly Spend Discount Weekly Savings Savings (p.a.)
Food and non-alcoholic beverages $237.00 5% $11.85 $616
Alcoholic beverages $32.00 5% $1.60 $83
Clothing and footwear $58.00 9% $5.22 $271
Household furnishings and equipment $44.00  9% $3.96  $206 
Fuel $66.00  5%  $3.00 $172 
Total        $1,348


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