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James Florance

James's passion is to assist his clients achieve their property and financial goals. Loan protection forms part of this.

What made you decide to offer your clients loan protection?

My passion is to assist my clients achieve their financial goals and property dreams. Having loan protection is part of this because it ensures my clients can keep the roof over their head if the worst was to happen. It’s part of my customer care.

How have you embedded LPP into your loan process?

I know the importance of protecting my clients having previously worked in credit and insurance where I’ve seen firsthand the difference a death benefit payment can make.

Protecting my clients therefore comes naturally to me and I have embedded Loan Protection Plan into my business as follows:

  • Raise at loan application.
  • If I haven’t received a decision from my client, I raise again at loan approval and try to gain a commitment by doc sign-up.

What would you say to a colleague or broker considering offering their clients ALI loan protection?

It’s simple… always offer and NEVER assume.

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