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Helen's Story

“Being diagnosed with cancer has been the most challenging experience, both physically and emotionally, of my life. Not having to worry about finances has made the journey easier and has been one less obstacle to cross”.

Helen's Story

About Helen

Single parent Helen has two biological daughters aged 22 and 19, and one foster daughter aged 12. “All three children live at home with our myriad of pets – dogs, cats, chickens, ducks and birds”.

When Helen’s Stage 3 Cervical Cancer diagnosis landed, her packed to the rafters household was hit hard:

“I went from being employed as a full-time social worker, to relying on Centrelink benefits. This is extremely difficult to do. My two older daughters have picked up extra work shifts and are helping financially”.

Back in the beginning

When Helen split from her partner, the loan to buy her family home was “the first home loan I applied for after my divorce, as a single person”. She took out life insurance cover to protect herself, “especially when there’s only one person paying the loan”. It’s a subject Helen emphatically believes should be talked about with “all clients”.

Treatment and work arrangements

While Helen is one of those people who has a lot to give, her gruelling treatments meant she couldn’t physically attend work, let alone get through her caseload as a social worker. “My treatment plan included radiation each weekday, weekly chemotherapy, and brachytherapy”.

While fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of her employee entitlements like sick and annual leave, Helen’s finances were stretched to the limit. They were “not nearly enough to cover the six months of leave that is required for my cancer treatment”.

Making a claim

On getting in touch with ALI to make her claim, “the paperwork was not too onerous, communication was regular and the claim was paid out swiftly”. Without the prompt benefit payout, she continued, “I would have been left financially disadvantaged and possibly would have had to sell the family home”.

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