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Nicole's Story

"You have a means of making sure you can still put food on the table. You can still pay a mortgage and know that your kids are okay.”

Nicole's Story


After losing her mum to cancer when she was 20, Nicole was vigilant when it came to her own health checks. 

Noticing some changes to her body, the mum of “up to six children” quickly booked a scan and was diagnosed with Stage Three breast cancer, beginning chemotherapy treatment just two weeks later. 

The diagnosis affected the whole family. “It took its impact emotionally, physically and mentally on all of us. It was very confronting, and no one could prepare us for how that was to be.” 

Without her mortgage broker offering her protection during the loan process, Nicole believes that she and her family could have been “financially up a creek.” 

“I imagine my husband would be looking at doing some other work just to try and make ends meet but that would take him away from me. That would mean he would be on the road 7 days a week, and there goes my support.” 

Fortunately, Nicole was able to avoid the additional financial stress that can follow a serious health event. “Having this cover gave me a sense of freedom around my choices because it allowed me to concentrate on my own health, it allowed me the flexibility to be able to just persevere with what I needed to do.” 

Nicole found ALI staff supportive and the claim process to be straight-forward. “ALI were really empathetic to my circumstances. The people on the other end of the phone were fantastic. They were there with me all the way through to guide me and help me get those documents sorted in the right way.” 

Now, Nicole feels that she can “have my family close to me and not have to worry.”


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