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Natalie's story

Natalie reflects on a childhood photo and says "I am looking at Rhonda as if she will save me one day".

Rhonda, a Mortgage Choice broker, discusses loan protection with all her clients. This is because Rhonda has seen the impact an unexpected illness can have and the importance of having protection when a client of hers was diagnosed with breast cancer.

This client also happens to be her younger sister, Natalie. Here, the two sisters share their story...

Natalie, Living Benefit, Breast Cancer

Natalie-and-Rhonda-ArticleWhen Natalie reflects on this childhood photo of her and her older sister Rhonda, she says “I am looking at Rhonda as if she will save me one day”. That day came in May 2015 when Natalie was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, she had loan protection because her sister, who also happens to be her mortgage broker, had put cover in place six years earlier.

“I was incredibly anxious about putting in a claim; however, claiming with ALI Group was remarkably easy... so easy that I thought this can’t be right?

Finding out the claim had been approved was a massive relief, the stress was halved and all I have to do now is focus on beating the cancer. It’s life changing. It has mentally saved me a lot of anguish and I couldn’t be more thankful.”

Rhonda, Mortgage Choice Broker, NSW

Natalie-and-Rhonda-Adults-Article“I am so passionate to make sure my clients are covered because I’ve seen firsthand what this policy does. For my sister to have it when she needed it was amazing for her.

It has made such a difference to my sister; she can concentrate on getting better and looking after herself without the stress of a mortgage – and it’s not just the mortgage, it’s being able to pay the bills and maintain a normal lifestyle. All the basic things that we take for granted.

Natalie found the whole process of claiming really easy and she can’t speak higher of ALI. For me to hear this as the broker, and as her sister, is really comforting. I know that I’m actually endorsing a product that works for people. I was always a big believer in loan protection, but now seeing the impact first hand is huge for me going forward.”

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